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How to pass your drug test THC Marijuana

How To Pass Your Drug Test THC Marijuana 
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 The most obvious way to pass a drug test is to not have any drugs in your body they can detect. If you don't use anything, you have nothing to worry about. Passing a drug test is not as difficult as you may think. Toxins in your system do not stay forever. The first thing you need to do is check out how long each toxin remains in your system. We created a drug use time table that we recommend you check out. Also talk with our live online staff. Answer a few questions and you'll know how long it will really take for you to get clean. The Resource For Top-End Detox Products And Self-Administered Drug Tests. 

  Why Completely Clean?

 Our products are made from the purest and most natural ingredients to naturally and effectively cleanse your body without the substitute of damaging chemicals that are currently existant in some of the competitor's product lines.  Our site is secure so that you can order online or call our Toll Free Number 877-286-7068 to order or ask any further questions about our drug testing solutions Our reputation is spreading as more and more people use Completely Clean to pass a drug test and achive the goals they want. We offer up to date scientifically formulated products, the best service, and the quality you have come to depend on In addition to providing high quality and well known products, we also specialize in fast shipping.


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          Quick Fix - Urine     $25.95 

Swish & Spit Mouthwash

One Panel Drug Test   $1.95 Magnum 16 oz Detox Drink
Seven Day Heavy User kit  $89.95 Per-Tox Capsules $19.95
Magnum Synthetic Urine    $25.95 Moderate User Kit
#60 Quick Flush Caps  Five Day Complete Detox  $69.95
Magnum 32 oz Detox Drink

              Three Day light User Kit $49.95

We carry a full line of detox products at the best price on the internet.

 The seven day detox will be just the thing you need to get rid of those unwanted substances in your body, comes with four personal drug test.

Seven Day Total Detox Series
Designed for the heaviest of toxin use, heavy daily use. A seven-day permanent body purification system for blood, urine, saliva.This kit removes all toxins

Seven Day Detoxification Formula - Designed for heaviest daily toxin use. This intense 7-day system will totally cleanse your body, once and for all. Cleansing your blood, urine and saliva of all toxins, as well as any new hair growth. Completely Clean cleanses toxins from your body and brings them to a level that is undetectable by most blood, urine and saliva drug tests. Toxins that are removed will be gone forever. A seven-day permanent body purification system. This kit removes all toxins and comes with four easy to use personal drug test kits of your choice.We recommend this product for people over 180lb with heavy toxin intake. This program is designed for users who have used multiple times a day for multiple years.

Five Day Total Detox Series

Designed for   moderate to heavy toxin use,

Under 190 pounds 

Five Day Detoxification Formula - Designed for heavy to moderate daily toxin use under 180 pounds. A Five-day permanent body purification system for blood, urine, and saliva. This kit removes all toxins and it comes with two easy to use personal drug test kits of your choice.We recommend this product for people under 190lb with Moderate to heavy toxin intake. 

Three Day Total Detox Series
Designed for light to moderate toxin use, (twice a month or less).

 A three part system that produces the results you want and need in a very short period of time! This system includes a regiment of fluids and cleansing pills, anti-toxin solution assured to finish the job.For Questions about what level is best for you contact us now with 24 hour email. Formulated for the Moderate user {Moderate 7 X 10 a month}  Designed for light to moderate toxin use, (twice a week or less). A three-day permanent body purification system for blood, urine, saliva. This kit removes all toxins. Comes with one easy to use personal drug test kit!


To support body detoxification, it is a good idea to start by drinking plenty of water (8 glasses a day) to help flush out and hydrate your system, as well as promote water balance in the body. Eating fruits and vegetables and the daily recommendation of fiber will also aid in natural detoxification at home and help to naturally regulate your system. Never forget the power of physical exercise! Having a good workout will promote sweating – another great way to promote cleansing and body detoxification! All Information Provided is Strictly Confidential: We do not sell or share our mailing list or purchase information! Above is a complete selection of products for passing a drug test. You may buy them online anytime.All Information Provided is Strictly Confidential:  Don't be fooled by cheap "Imitation Drug Testing Detox" our products are only sold through us online. Completely Clean is not associated with puriclean a company that sells a product called completely clean at your local store, all of our drug testing products come with a self administed drug test of your choice for guaranteed passing results.


How Does Detoxification Work?
Basically, detoxification means cleaning the blood. It does this mainly by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. However, when this system is compromised, impurities aren't properly filtered and every cell in the body is adversely affected, counting on a few cups of coffee, having a cigarette, drinking excessive alcohol or doing recreational drugs has become a familiar habit. Between all the medications, refined foods, additives, alcohol, pesticides and other chemicals we are exposed to in the environment, the ability of our systems to detoxify naturally can become challenged.We can help you pass any drug test,marijuana,cocaine ect.

We understand that not everyone has the luxury of time to totally cleanse their system using long-term detox programs to pass any drug test.Our same day detox products will allow a 3-8 hour window period for clean testing. Our same day detox products provide excellent results and convenience in a very short period of time. Our products are effective within 45 minutes - 3 hours (depends on the specific product you order)

Single substance drug tests - $6.95ea :  

 To "Order" by phone Call Toll Free in the USA 1-877-286-7068 For other assistance e-mail us at [email protected]. Due to the volume of E-mail received, we can not guarantee an immediate reply. We do try to reply within 12 to 24 hours.




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·  ways for everyone over 18 to pass a drug test easily. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can answer all of your drug testing questions so you can pass your drug test with confidence. We carry urine additives, substitutions (concentrated urine), and detox formulas to pass your drug test.

  •  We offer safe and legal products to pass your drug test that really works.  We don't just offer products to ensure a passing drug test, we go a step further and bring you loads of useful drug testing information to help you understand the whole drug testing process.

  •  Urinalysis, this procedure requires that one provide a sample of urine. Either a test card is used on site for immediate results (see "General" section), or the sample is sent away to a lab to undergo gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (also known as GCMS), high performance liquid chromatography or immunoassay analysis. Sample substitution or adulteration have become a significant issue in the United States due to the prevalence of synthetic and/or drug-free urine and a wide range of adulterants on the internet. Some people attempt to defeat a urine test by drinking copious amounts of water, however, a sufficiently diluted sample may be rejected due to its clear color. Samples that are too clear may be flagged and tested for specific gravity. If the sample fails the specific gravity test, the sample is rejected and the dilution is reported to the entity that ordered the test. Some diuretics and herbal extracts, such as goldenseal, are marketed as a quick "detox" from controlled substances, but their efficacy is questionable. Some types of urinalysis can even detect the use of these "detox" products. One of the methods to test for adulterants is to add some amount of an actual drug to a small portion of the sample and then retest that portion. If a masking agent is present in the urine, the resulting drug test will have a negative result despite the fact that a drug was added. This situation is also usually reported to whomever ordered the test.

Pass Hair drug screen

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